ith the rise of technology is an increase in the popularity of online communication. When doing video conferences, scheduling and managing meetings that would be convenient and comfortable for you, your client, and your team is quite tricky.

From small to large companies and businesses, calculating and setting up meetings with clients living in other places with different time zones is not easy. Considering the search engagement, you should schedule and manage your meeting so that no one will be confused about it.

To ensure that you are managing your meetings conveniently, you might need an app to help you do the work. In this case, TidyCal becomes handy.

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What is TidyCal?

TidyCal is a popular booking and scheduling app. This is designed to help you set up a meeting or book a specific time on others' calendars. Therefore. you can have enough time to talk with your meeting cabinet without using more time than might eat up other's schedules.

Aside from that, it also allows you to book a time and let others know that your schedule is occupied for that specific date and time. Moreover, you can also use TidyCal to schedule meetings that will match the time of your clients from other countries.

tidycal appsumo booking calendar types

There are lots of good things you will love about TidyCal. You can report, organize, and schedule appointments and meetings with your customers without overlapping their schedules. Aside from that, it is also a great app to monitor your current meetings and events tightly. Many customers consider it a time-saving solution developed by AppSumo.

tidycal appsumo zoom integration

I will review Tidycal features in a moment, but just as a side note, I love the ability to integrate with Paypal or Stripe and start selling your service or consultation calls where people pick a time ALSO need to make the payment in order to book you. This is defenitely an Entrepreneur MUST HAVE.

tidycal appsumo paypal stripe payment integration

TidyCal Features Review

Few features give Tidy Cal a competitive edge over others. Let's find out the main features of this AppSumo application.

  • Instant creation: Booking meetings are very easy with TidyCal. You won't have to exchange several emails anymore, as you will get them scheduled automatically and from one place. In the booking section, you can schedule meetings for free or you can buy the lifetime deal.
  • Autopilot feature: Your meetings will be scheduled automatically and you won't have to send an email to anyone.
  • Integrations: You can integrate different types of calendars with this app. TidyCal will sync all of them, so the schedules don't get mixed.
  • Time gaps: This is the smartest app that offers time gaps to its users. If you are having back-to-back meetings in a day, the schedule a time off for you so that you can take bathroom breaks in between.
tidycal appsumo booking type update settings
  • Embeddable widget: With TidyCal, you can share your booking pages via links or embeddable widgets right on your website.
  • Rescheduling and cancellation feature: If a meeting gets canceled and you have to reschedule it. you can do it easily using the app. TidyCal will send the confirmation email to the meeting participants.
  • View the attendees: It can be annoying when you get limited information about the meeting and its attendees. If you have to click through many levels of the app, it will be time-consuming and tiring too. With TidyCal you will not face such restrictions, as with one click you can view the information on the attendees and other details. You won't have to wait and check the details by clicking the event anymore.
  • Booking types: This is an important part of the app, which brings pleasure and business to one platform. You can create these pages for the business, friends, or anyone you want.

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tidycal appsumo calendar integration

Pricing and Plans of TidyCal

If you are contemplating getting TidyCal, the first thing you should know is that his app only charges you a one-time payment and it will stay for a lifetime. You can also opt for a free subscription, and you will get integration with Office 365 and Google calendar.

If you get the Lifetime Deal, which comes for only $29. you will get pretty much everything with it. The interesting part is you won't have to pay anything monthly after paying the $29, then you will get the features of the free plan, with a maximum of ten calendar integration, Zapier, Google Meet, and Zoom facilities.

Consultants will love the option to be able to book paid meetings. If you are not satisfied with a lifetime plan, you can get a refund back within 60 days.

tidycal appsumo feature and pricing plan

TidyCal vs. Calendly

If you want to know about TidyCal vs Calendly, it's important to know that Calendly may have been introduced first, but it's not a cost-effective plan. Let's find out more differences between the two apps.

  • TidyCal has a web surface, but Calendly has Android and web versions both.
  • in both apps Support and integration are available
  • The price of a lifetime TidyCal is only $29. Whereas, if you opt for Calendly, you have to pay $8 to $12 per month.
calendly vs tidycal
tidycal pricing

Pros and Cons of TidyCal

TidyCal is not a perfect booking app. It comes with advantages and a few drawbacks you should know.


­čî« Lifetime Deal (No monthly subscription. You pay it once and own it for a lifetime)

­čî« Easier to use in scheduling meetings

­čî« It breaks down the complicated process of setting up an appointment into the simpler procedure

­čî« Allows you to monitor your meeting schedules freely

­čî« User-friendly interface

tidycal appsumo app lifetime deal


Lack of call integration

No input appointment feature


Final Thoughts

TidyCal is one of the easiest and simplest booking apps available. It offers multiple integrations of Google accounts and other software, such as Microsoft and iCloud. This platform works by ensuring that all your booking and meeting requests are kept in one place. With this in mind, it would be easier for you to follow your schedule without fearing any mistakes.

With TidyCal. you can easily create paid and free bookings from your clients, prospect customers, and other sales opportunities. Overall, this is an all-in-one solution to all your booking problems. It offers you all the possible ways to please your customers by scheduling impressive meetings.

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