f I was asked, "What's the best All-In-Online shopping tool that allows you to create high-quality checkout pages, and collect payments on your official website?" My answer would be "ThriveCart!". Thrivecart is a very powerful and useful tool for selling digital and physical products like digital courses and ebooks. You can get leads while you create the checkout page bump and upsell offers to increase your sales. ThriveCart also offers subscription plans and categorizes the customers based on the plan.

When marketing the products present in any digital store is needed to focus on, owners tend to forget that a massive part of the selling point of converting audiences into a satisfied customers and making a sale is the user experience the particular visitor had with the specific digital store.

This includes aesthetic designs, adaptability to the device in use, and also the checkout process or "add to cart" option.

thrivecart checkout page example template


A seamless and stress-free experience in the shopping cart of any e-commerce store can make or break it for them when it comes to conversion into a sale.

Thrivecart is a user-friendly shopping cart service that will definitely entice users to shift into a more digital and innovative type of complete checkout payment system for digital stores and e-commerce platforms alike.

why business need upsell and downsell
Image Credit: WooFunnels
thrivecart main product up sell downsell thank you page

What is Thrivecart?

Thrive Cart is an online platform that businesses use to boost revenue with their available existing converting templates and cart pages.

It allows seamless connection to available payment processors for digital products. (Including One Click Upsell, Downsell and Order Bump to increase your AOV.)

It allows users to sell digital and physical products. Unlike other shopping cart services, Thrivecart has less maintenance or management of a software as it is a hosted service.

What is thrivecart sales page checkout page, upsell downsell order bump
Image Credit: OptimizePress.com

Thrivecart Templates

Thrivecart templates are also available as this enables aesthetic features and design just in case the user comes across an abandoned cart or pending item in the current e-commerce shopping cart it is with.

There are available providers and free templates to use for a more unique experience that is compatible with the language existing in Thrivecart.

If you'd like to get these drag and drop prebuilt templates, you may either:

  • Use this link to buy Thrivecart and all templates will be delivered to you immediately after checkout.
  • Or use this link to buy templates separately (if you already have a Thrivecart account)

When you get my template pack, it includes:

  • 10+ drag and drag templates
  • ThriveCart Essental Skill-boost Online Workshop
  • ThriveCart Setup Checklist
  • My exclusive digital photoshop PSD files (mockups, assets, etc)
  • BONUS ūüéĀ

All these lifetime access for FREE if you use the link to purchase the Thrivecart OR you could buy them separately for a one time payment.

thrivecart free templates checkout, funnel, modern easy to cusonmize

Unlimited Sales Funnel

Capabilities in creating a sales funnel are available as well in Thrivecart and can be learned and understood easily.

In Thrivecart, creating a funnel to present current and continuing upsells to initial products to the users' own account is available (also with the PRO account).

create product in thrivecart
Create Unlimited Products (Funnels, Checkout Pages)
enable sales funnel for upsell and downsell
Enable One Click Upsell & Downsell

My ThriveCart Setup

I use ThriveCart to build amazing checkout page, sell online courses or programs.

Then use ThriveCart Learn (comes with any of the TC licence) to host all my course content.

In terms of video hosting, you have a couple options: 

  • Get a Vimeo or Wistia, you do end up paying a monthly plan (for Wistia is much higher)
  • Use 3rd party tool like this one to use YouTube as free video hosting and use this app to mask the video player appearance. (Free Solution)
  • Get a lifetime video hosting account with Adilo. (I¬†paid $97, got lifetime video hosting with 100GB¬†Storage, works exactly like Vimeo, except it's lifetime deal) If you're just a beginner and don't have over 100GB of online content you plan to sell, then this wouldn't a bad idea at all!¬†I¬†love lifetime deals!

For a better grasp and special bonus regarding Thrivecart. (Click here to check it out and learn more!)

thrivecart learn ui

All About Thrivecart Pricing

As existing plans are available for Thrivecart, features and capabilities are also in store. With this software, users only need to pay once to be able to continue their subscription.

This type of lifetime pricing only applies to the Standard Plan and Pro Plan. The Thrivecart pricing of the Standard Plan for Lifetime access is $495 USD and includes the courses only.

For the Pro Plan, the price is $690 with the inclusions of the courses. affiliate systems, dunning, and custom domain.

Though these two are the widely patronized plans, there are also ones that are available that can be chosen to link into the user's eCommerce platform.

thrivecart integrations and features
For a better grasp and special bonus regarding Thrivecart. (Click here to check it out and learn more!)


ThriveCart PRO Upgrade

Including the already existing features of Thrivecart solely, this account or plan enables users to propel further their seamless checkout process game with seven additional upgrades that PRO can give.

A few notable upgrades are the built-in dunning and subscription saver function and the multi-user and client use permission it has.


I upgraded to PRO, mainly for the custom domain & maybe the sales tax calculation.

For custom domain, without PRO upgrade, your domain will look like this:


After PRO Upgrade, you can connect with your own subdomain and completely white-label thrivecart, your domain can be turned to this:


*xxx referring to your own domain

thrivecart pricing and lifetime deal plan


ThriveCart Learn and ThriveCart Learn+

Flexibility is the key in this plan or account. This platform is set to quickly sell courses to customers with a wide range of options.

Both these platform versions include complete course modules and lessons.

It enables a unique experience as well to those patronizing this platform as it has capabilities in the experience that is personalized for the learning of the user, such as: Course Content Access and Releasing, Project Management, and Bundles when it comes to selling the course itself.

upgrade to thrivecart learn +

Thrivecart vs SamCart

For similarities and differences, one notable thing is the pricing.

As mentioned, pricing plans for the Thrivecart are done one time. In the case of SmartCart, a monthly subscription is needed to pay, which is also the reason why it is deemed to be pricier than that of the Thrivecart.

The Affiliate system lacks functionality in SmartCart, thus making Thrivecart a better competitor for it. Flexibility in having to attach it via third- party providers or build it into the shopping car is possible.

thrivecart vs samcart

The Affiliate system lacks functionality in SmartCart, thus making Thrivecart a better competitor for it. Flexibility in having to attach it via third- party providers or build it into the shopping car is possible.

For available courses and memberships, both systems have integrated this into their options. Thus. users can automatically proceed into diving into it rather than paying for another provider just for this feature.

feature comparison between thrivecart and samcart

Thrivecart Integrations

Though it is available and possible to happen as well as suggested by some to opt for WordPress when it comes to integration, there are issues that integration between a system that has WordPress for its language is not as effective and user friendly when Thrivecart is opted for.

In trying to provide an easy flowing and seamless checkout or payment option for the e-commerce store, though Thrivecart has instructional in dealing with this integration manually, users prefer to have another third-party provider just to integrate the two systems and be able to communicate together so to speak for a hassle-free experience leading to additional costs.

Here is a. list of integration apps that are compatible (If it's not in this list, simply use ZAPIER to connect between platforms)

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • Authorize.Net
  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Encharge
  • GetResponse
  • HubSpot
  • Infusionsoft
  • Mailchimp
  • MailerLite
  • Moosend
  • Ontraport
  • Sendy
  • DAP
  • LifterLMS
  • MemberMouse
  • MemberPress
  • OptimizeMember
  • Teachable
  • Thrive Apprentice
  • Wishlist
  • Demio
  • Disk.com
  • Kunaki
  • Lulu
  • Printful
  • Shippo
  • ShipStation
  • Shopify
  • Vervante
  • Google Sheets
  • Slack
thrivecart available integration apps

Payment Gateways

Thrivecart has full payment options as partners creating a better checkout experience when it comes to course selling, e-commerce digital selling, and many more.

It helps in lessening cart abandonment and converting visitors into revenue-generating customers. Even on the verge of subscription cancelation, Thrivecart provides options for the customer right at the get-go.

thrivecart paypal stripe apple pay google pay

Since it mainly adapts to most host websites and also integrates seamlessly, the Thrivecart system is the best option for users to opt for.

Ranging from automated and customized features of affiliate programs, email marketing. funnels, check-out processes, course selling or offers, and payment options, Thrivecart has proven that it can help hugely the business stay on top and generate massive revenue just by its automated forecasting, capability in projecting real-time data and metrics, strategizing pop up notifications for pushing sales and converting abandoned carts and pending possible sales transactions in the digital store.

ThriveCart Native Data Analytics

thrivecart data analysis dashboard


Thrivecart natively comes with detailed dashboard and data analysis. You can have a general dashboard look of all your funnels or products combined; or you can narrow down to individual product level to check for the funnel, upsell, downsell stats.

The stats dashboard looks something like this: 

thrivecart product data analysis

Final Thoughts

If you have the marketing budget and don't want to lock in a monthly based subscription platform that might potentially cap your long term flexibility. Then ThriveCart is a fantastic option to go for. The day I discovered TC and bought one maxed out deal for myself (and my online business), took me less than a day to move all my existing curriculum to TC and get a just of the entire UI, system structure etc.

It's really easy to learn, no coding required! (PS, with or without ThriveCart Pro, you still get ThriveCart Learn unlocked!)

The next day I decided to get the Learn+ and move my online courses from other platform to ThriveCart (took me over night lol)

Then I loaded one more licence for another client of mine, his feedback was nothing more than transformational.

It's truly a ALL-In-One tool that you pay once and own it for lifetime.

thrivecart free templates download

If you have not yet bought the Thrivecart Lifetime Deal, make sure you secure yourself at least one licence.

I've heard this is not a long term deal tho, so make sure you take action fast!

PS. If this is your first time buying Thrivecart, by using this link, you will get all my exclusive high converting thrive-art template immediately after checkout. I've also attached some extra assets and bonuses.

If you already own a thrivecart, you could either buy another deal using the link above OR buy the templates separately here.

Keep crushing it! ūüĎä

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