f you have an idea for a game, vid, song, meme, or another type of trend that isn’t easily found through popular apps, then using Tiktok can be the answer to your problem. Viral trending sounds are sounds that people share and chat about because they go hand-in-hand with a specific topic. Once you hear them, they will stick with you forever and likely come up in conversation at some point. You could find these viral songs on the TikTok app but maybe there’s an easier way than trying to find them manually? If so, keep reading!

The Power of Going Viral on TikTok

Right before we get into the HOWs on finding the trending music, it's really important to know the shocking stats on how TikTok is still dominating the video social platform: 

  • TikTok has been downloaded more than 3 billion times
  • TikTok is the 6th most-used social platform in the world
  • TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users.
  • TikTok is now more popular than Instagram among Gen Z users in the US
  • Android users spend 19.6 hours per month on TikTok
  • 430 songs surpassed 1 billion video views as TikTok sounds in 2021
  • 67% of users say TikTok inspires them to shop— even when they didn't have any plan to do so
  • Adding captions increases impressions by 55.7%
  • The highest performing videos are between 21s-34s long
The Power of Going Viral on TikTok

Here are some of the best ways to discover trending sound on TikTok:

Method 1. Find Trending Music on TikTok App

Let's discover a couple native methods that can be used to find popular TikTok famous songs:

TikTok Song Library

TikTok Song Library
TikTok Native Sound Library (Trending Sounds)

Open up Tiktok on your computer or mobile device and then open the video clip you want to post. To find a trending sound that has similar characteristics to what you’re looking for, click on "Add Sound" and scroll down until you see the “Trending Sounds” option at the bottom of the page. You can type in a certain keyword, choose from a category or just browse by typing in your favorite topics. It’s super easy and free! So even if there isn’t a trending sound that perfectly matches your idea yet, there are still plenty of other options at your disposal. Want more? Check out the next method...

For You Page (FYP) Discovery

For You Page (FYP) Discovery
How to Add FYP Sound to Favorites

All you need is to scroll on TikTok for 20-30m, you will notice that certain music or songs are being used by TikTok creators very frequently. Now click on the song name and save it to your favorites. Next time when you create certain content and go straight into your favorite songs and pick one in the list.

Method 2. TokBoard: Weekly Viral Song Board

This is my favorite way to find viral songs on TikTok. It's also the quickest way.

TOKBOARD, previously known as TiktoMeter is a powerful, simple website that monitors the data directly from TikTok.

Method 2. TokBoard: Weekly Viral Song Board

Come to their website, you will see a list of Top TikTok Songs on a weekly basis. Simply go through the list from the top and pick the song that resonates with you or your content and remember the song name. Now open your TikTok app and search for this song in the library. DONE!

Method 3. Quick YouTube Search

YouTube is 2nd best search engine in the world, so it shouldn't be hard to find TikTok music on YouTube. Simple do a search terms like:

  • Trending TikTok Songs
  • Best Viral TikTok Songs
  • TikTok Viral Song + [Current Year]
  • TikTok Viral Songs Playlist
Method 3. Quick YouTube Search

Method 4. Spotify Playlists for Viral TikTok Songs

If you're on Spotify, you can find lots of TikTok poplar songs and remember the name of the song then search it up on TikTok. Our goal is to use songs that are popularly known, so when people scroll on Tiktok, subconsciously hearing the background music will make them think your content is VIRAL content!

Here are a few Spotify Playlists to find the best TikTok songs: 

TikTok Songs TikTok Hits 4 Viral Hits  - Party Music

TikTok Hits: North America

TikTok songs you can't get out of your head

Method 5. Paid Trends Monitoring App

The popular apps that I found on finding trending TikTok music, data such as hashtags, viral trends, new trends is called TrendTok.

Method 5. Paid Trends Monitoring App

TrendTok is the #1 app for social media trends & Sounds. Discover, analyze and predict trends & sounds. AI Analytics and reports - Grow your social accounts and create viral videos! Their analytics app is an artificial intelligence-powered platform, designed to help creators grow their social accounts using analytics. The platform uses AI to help creators find, discover, and predict new trends within their location, niche, or through their favorite creators, first. Allowing you to hop on new viral trends first, increase your visibility and easily grow your account!

Method 5. Paid Trends Monitoring App pricing and plans

HOWEVER, the app costs $3.99/week (or $37.99/year), I understand not everyone has the budget for it especially if you used the methods mentioned previously, you should have no issue finding trending music.

Final Thoughts

These methods mentioned above are my best strategy on finding viral songs to use for your content and make it have 'viral potential! Keep in mind that the TikTok algorithm favors popular songs and music, so there's no reason to not use trending music to go viral on TikTok.

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Happy going viral!

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