rtificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a vital part of online content creation process. In fact, many professional copywriters believe that AI will have a more prominent role in content creation over the next few years than it has had in the past. Businesses are beginning to see the value and benefits of incorporating AI into their content marketing strategies as well. One primary reason why businesses and organizations are starting to embrace AI and incorporate it into their content marketing practices is that it makes their job easier.

Using AI to write Long Form Blog Post

Did you know, that with proper AI tools, you can generate long-form SEO-friendly articles on demand?
If Google devices rank your page, that can be converted to thousands of traffic per month (and revenue!)

I've tried and bought around 3-5 different types of AI writers in the past and the challenge of these tools in the market is that you have to be really profession with using the tools. So of them have great UI, and some don't. With the populated content, you have to be able to combine them into logical paragraphs and 'puzzle' them into your blog post section.

Until I found out about Wordplay.ai.

Using AI to write Long Form Blog Post

It totally transformed the way I produce long-form articles that rank on Google!

Why use AI? There are many reasons why businesses would want to use AI in order to create blog posts. One reason is that it saves time and cuts down on the number of people needed on staff. With AI writing blog posts, there are fewer people needed in order to produce high-quality content that is going to help attract more leads and grow your business in the long run. Another important reason is that it can help you get free promotion for your business by generating traffic from popular blogs or websites that might want some extra exposure for their own brands as well.

What is Wordplay.ai One Click Blog Generator

What is Wordplay.ai One Click Blog Generator

Wordplay.ai one click long form blog generator app is an advanced platform that uses AI to create long-form content in single click. Wordplay.ai is the perfect tool for bloggers, marketers, and digital media professionals who are looking for a way to create content without breaking their backs. In my case, English isn't my first language, so it makes it even harder to write long form article. With this app, you can save time, focus on your business goals, and generate more traffic with less effort. Using Wordplay you can write posts about anything including:

  • Personalized content
  • Customer experience
  • Market analysis
  • Business tips
  • Company
  • Culture
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Much more

Creating 1500+ Word Posts with Single Click

When you want to execute a long-form blog post with Wordplay, all you have to do is decide what type of content you want to create then choose one of the four modes to generate the article:

  • Keyword Mode
  • Outline Mode (My Favorite!)
  • Title Mode
  • Bulk CSV Mode
Creating 1500+ Word Posts with Single Click

For Outline Mode, all you need to do is gather a whole bunch of H2 or H3 from your market research sites and throw them into the list then click on populate, DONE! (For 1500 words articles, normally took me less than 5-10s)

Marketing in a digital era has left many companies scrambling to find the time necessary to create quality content. If your company would rather not spend hours writing posts with human writers, it may be time to consider investing in AI-generated content creation software. And if youÔÇÖre already making changes to your process to accommodate AI-generated content, you might as well use this software as a way to improve your process even further. Using AI in this way is helpful because it lets businesses focus more on their core competencies - business development, marketing strategy, customer service, etc.

For example, let's say that your company is struggling with how they are promoting their brand on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You want to figure out how you can increase engagement from your audience so that you can get more leads from social media. You could spend hours manually writing blog posts about your product or service or about the benefits of purchasing from you but these methods don't always produce the results that companies expect them to produce. To circumvent this issue and make things easier for yourself as a business owner, why not try using artificial intelligence?

Click here to lock in Wordplay.ai tool for lifetime today

Wordplay AI Lifetime Deal

I'm personally not a big fan of subscription plans or packages, that's why I always look into Lifetime Deals (LTDs). They currently run a lifetime deal promotion. If you want to get the app one time and not lock into any monthly payment, this is a fantastic option to go for! This can free up a lot of your time so that you don't have to spend hours updating your website or blog posts manually.

Wordplay AI Lifetime Deal

WordPress Plugin for Direct Importing

Wordplay.ai also has a Wordpress plugin that makes it easy for anyone to import content directly into WP sites. This can be done by using the in-built "Export" function, or you can use the export function built into Wordplay.ai. The plugin also offers an easy way for people to create long-form content in one click, by utilizing AI.

WordPress Plugin for Direct Importing

What makes Wordplay AI different from competitors?

Wordplay AI creates a unique content strategy for each company based on its target audience and goals. As a result, businesses can create unique copy that will resonate with their audience and help them achieve their desired results. Wordplay AI is able to provide businesses with more efficient ways of reaching their customers and doing so at a much lower cost than traditional methods while also providing them with access to better-quality content than they could produce themselves or hire someone else to do for them.

Watch Me Generate 1000+ Word Article in 10 Minutes

The Generated Sample

Wordplay AI article generator sample

Or check out their official sample article page and give it a read!

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Wordplay AI blog generator tool is absolute a game changer for any content creator or online marketer including SEO agency or professionals. I have not yet seen seen such a power tool that generate great, unique SEO friendly article within such a short period of time. Make sure you look into this app and do some more research. If you already have your decision made, click here to lock in Wordplay.ai tool for lifetime today!

Happy generating content!

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